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Legal Outsourcing Services

Working with can result in the following benefits for your legal organisation:

  1. Reduced Costs.
  2. Increased Time Efficiency.
  3. Improved Work Quality.
  4. Expert Global Sourcing.

Workflow Process
Our work flow processes are structured to provide high quality services at reduced costs while maintaining the highest ethical standards. At the same time, our processes are sufficiently flexible and are customizable as per our client's needs.

Each global team is equipped with skilled professionals who graduate from top educational institutions and have a fair amount of prior work experience in their respective fields. Each global team is managed by Team Managers. Team Managers are licensed attorneys in the INDIA, graduate from top law schools, and have practiced at a reputable law firm before joining Team Managers oversee projects from inception through completion to ensure that our work product confirms to the highest quality standards and is adequately creative to add value to our clients. Since our clients' needs are on-going, Team Managers are always available for consultation.

We offer client dedicated and non-dedicated teams to service our clients. Client dedicated teams are typically available to clients who have repeat service needs that are sufficient to dedicate a team to exclusively cater to such clients' matters. Non-dedicated client teams typically work on more than one client's matters. Since there can be a learning curve for any professional to adopt to a client's business and/or legal approach and to ensure uniformity, typically the same group of professionals service a client's needs on a repeat basis, even when they are servicing multiple clients on non-dedicated teams. Each client is assigned a Team Manager, who is the clients point-of-contact for service, housekeeping, and administrative issues.

We maintain an extensive conflict-check database, perform conflict checks before undertaking a matter, and advise the client in case there is a conflict-of-interest. See our technology and infrastructure section to learn how we maintain confidentiality and security of client information.

Technology and Security
Privacy of client information is our highest priority and we go to extreme measures to ensure confidentiality and security of the information. We employ state-of-the-art technologies to ensure and maintain confidentiality. In addition to employing the highest technological measures, we implement additional measures to ensure security. All our facilities where confidential information is processed restrict access to only authorized personnel by employing electronic and physical security measures. We conduct extensive background checks of all employees before retaining them.