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Why to use connects Customers and Experts from around the world. Everyone works together to find accurate answers, quickly. is open 24 hours a day and has 24 hour customer service.

Do I need to register?
Yes, registration is required to ask and answer questions. It only takes a moment.It's as simple as 1.2.3..!

How can I delete my account?
Contact support at to delete your account.

Is free?
PickAnswer is not a free service. You will be required to pay equal to the value of your question before our experts replied to your question.

When do I need to place the deposit?
You need to pay before expert answered you.

How much is the deposit?
Your initial deposit is equal to the value of your question.

What are the payment options? Do you accept cash, checks or money orders?
We accept all major credit cards and debit cards, including prepaid gift cards displaying a credit card logo. We also accept PayPal. You can add funds to the account and take funds out very easily, using an existing bank account (checking or savings).You can also pay by Check or Money Order, but it takes about a week to process with the mail time and check clearing time.

How do I change my settings?
You can change your profile information, registration details, etc. by login to your account.

How do I change my email address?
Just go to your account Page and edit your profile.

How do I ask a question on
To ask a question on , go to and enter your question. Be sure to make your question's descriptive, since most.

Will I be notified by email when an Expert answers me?
Yes. When you ask your question, you will be emailed as soon as Experts reply to your question.

How long should I wait for an answer?
Normally, you should get an answer within an hour of asking your question. However, questions asked late at night and on weekends take longer as there are fewer Experts online to answer.

What do I do if I put my question in the wrong area?
Just let us know by emailing customer service at We'll get it to the appropriate category.

What do I do if I don't like an answer that I get?
The Experts are trying to help you, so please answer their questions and tell them why you don't like their answer. They might have misunderstood you and will probably return the favor with a better answer.

What if no one answers my question?
First of all, be patient! Don't worry if you ask your question on Saturday at 3 a.m. and you don't have an answer by 4 a.m. Sometimes it just takes a little while to figure it out. It's also possible that your question wasn't clear enough. Feel free to add more information to help our Experts help you. If still Experts are unable to answer then we will refund your money.

I still need help. How do I contact you?
For 24 hour customer service, please mail support request at Requests are generally responded to within an hour.